Assistant Director of e-Philanthropy

My time at MSU has allowed me to enhance my skills in digital marketing, fundraising and managing.

I personalize mass solicitations by segmenting audiences based on a variety of factors, such as giving history, graduation year, affinity and capacity. I create coordinated campaigns with my peers to produce increased engagement and donations from our alumni and friends. I continue to find creative email solicitation techniques to connect our donors to funds that are important to them.

My favorite part of my job is all the extraordinary projects I help fund and students I’m able to help.

I’m most proud of how I’ve been able to grow the email fundraising program. Before I joined the Annual Giving team, the email fundraising channel brought in about $80,000 a year. Through my innovative email campaigns, we are on track to raise over $400,000 this fiscal year – a five-fold increase in revenue!


I’ve grown the email program from only following up to direct mail pieces, to be a key component in our comprehensive campaigns as well as one-off solicitations.

My largest campaign is our Give Green Day effort. I send three emails to various audiences throughout the day, totaling nearly 40 versions of emails. In 2018, this campaign alone brought in more than $207,000.

In 2019 I took over the management of an employee, which has created a digital philanthropy team at MSU. I manage our budget for needed SEO tools and ad spend.

I also work closely with my team to provide proofreading assistance.

I’ve acquired many new digital skills since I’ve been at MSU, including: expanded HTML and CSS knowledge, Google Analytics and AdWords certifications and GIF creation.

I run paid social and display advertising campaigns in conjunction with digital fundraising efforts, including in-house ads and working with a vendor for mass remarketing ads.

I manage our recurring giving program, including the behind the scenes donor handling as well as the public-facing web page and email promotion.